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Financial Tips: 市況速遞 25/7

Jul 25, 2011 , Posted by Diamond Recruit at 5:22 PM

美國科技股上升,因企業盈利改善,刺激納斯達克指數上升至10以來高位,及標準普爾全週升幅擴大。然而,Caterpillar Inc.業績遜於預期,則拖累道瓊斯工業平均指數收低。

美國眾議院發言人John Boehner向共和黨議員表示,尚未就於82日最後期限之前提高聯邦債務上限的計劃達成共識。一位共和黨議員稱,Boehner正在繼續透過電話商談。標準普爾721日表示,鑒於債務問題的僵局,標準普爾於3個月內下調美國AAA級信貸評級的可能性上升至50%












U.S. Market
U.S. technology stocks rallied on improving earnings, sending the Nasdaq-100 Index to a 10-year high and extending a weekly gain for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, while lower-than-estimated results at Caterpillar Inc. dragged the Dow Jones Industrial Average lower.

House Speaker John Boehner told Republicans that there was no agreement on a plan for raising the ceiling before a default threatened for Aug. 2. A Republican congressional official said Boehner, speaking by telephone to lawmakers, is reporting that discussions are continuing. The impasse has boosted the chance S&P will cut the U.S. credit rating from AAA within three months to 50 percent, the company said July 21.

European Market
European stocks climbed last week, snapping two weeks of losses, as euro-region leaders agreed on a second bailout package for Greece in a bid to end the region’s debt crisis.

Fitch Ratings said Greece faces “restricted default’' after euro-area leaders agreed on a new bailout for the nation that would involve contributions from bondholders.

German business confidence fell to the lowest level in nine months in July as the European debt crisis and weakening global demand damped the economic outlook.

Japan Market
The Nikkei 225 Stock Average rose by the most this month as a bailout plan for Greece eased concern Europe’s debt crisis will spread, reducing uncertainty over earnings at financial companies and exporters.

Asia / Pacific Market
Asian stocks rose, with the regional benchmark index erasing its loss for the year, as a new aid plan for Greece eased concern Europe’s debt crisis will spread, reducing uncertainty over earnings at financial companies.

India’s benchmark stock index rose over the week as European leaders agreed on aid for Greece, easing concerns the region’s debt crisis may spread and threaten global growth and as some earnings boosted sentiments.

Taiwan’s unemployment rate declined in June, holding below 5 percent for the ninth straight month and bolstering the case for further interest-rate increases.

China/ Hong Kong
China’s stocks advanced, paring a weekly loss by the benchmark index, as a new aid plan for Greece eased concern Europe’s debt crisis will spread.

Hong Kong stocks rose the most in almost two months, as a new aid plan for Greece eased concern Europe’s debt crisis will spread, boosting shares of companies tied to the region.

Emerging Markets
The Bovespa stock index posted its first weekly gain in three after a new aid plan for Greece eased concern Europe’s sovereign debt crisis will spread.

Bond Market
Treasuries fell for the first week in three as talks collapsed between President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner over a deficit-reduction package as part of an agreement that would lift the nation’s debt ceiling.

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