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Financial Tips: 全球市場調整的背景資料 2/7

Jul 2, 2010 , Posted by Diamond Recruit at 3:43 PM

週二(6月29日)、週三(6月30日)亞洲股市、歐洲股市及華爾街股市調整,人們越來越擔心全球經濟雙底衰退。美國會議委員會(Conference Board)修改了其對中國經濟領先指標,中國股票大幅下滑至6個星期低位。




On Tuesday (Jun. 29) and Wednesday (Jun. 30) Asian stocks fell, tracking sharp Europe and Wall Street decline overnight, amid mounting fears of a double-dip recession in the global economy. The Conference Board revised its leading economic index for China, contributing to the biggest sell-off in Chinese equities in six weeks.

Looking ahead, equity investors are becoming increasingly nervous amid fears that Europe’s financially troubled periphery may dim the Continent’s prospects and possibly trigger a relapse in the global economy as a whole. In Asia, there are worries that China’s moves to cool its runaway property market may not be sufficient to prevent inflationary pressures rising, while political instability has been exacerbated by the escalating row between the two Koreas as well as Japan’s revolving door politics that has seen four prime ministers resign in the last four years.

However, Asia’s strong fiscal position give governments the option to extend pump priming should the need arise. As such, long-term fundamentals for the region remain robust, with rising intra-regional trade and domestic consumerism underpinning the region’s growing self-reliance.

In addition, there are concerns over rising minimum wage in several Chinese provinces, which may worsen inflation. But these wage hikes, which are partly the result of growing labour disputes and a spate of worker suicides, could eventually boost domestic consumption and create a more balanced economy.


上述資料只應作為個人投資風險程度的分析及指引,不應作為 投資結論。
由於投資組合頗多元化,加上匯率及利率浮動,投資選擇單位 及收益回報可升亦可跌。

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