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Feb 23, 2010 , Posted by Diamond Recruit at 3:27 PM


歐洲股市第5日上升,自2009年7月以來最大的單週升幅擴大,因Nestle SA預測銷售加速增長,抵銷聯儲局意外地調高貼現率的影響。

日本股市下跌,創下兩週以來最大跌幅,因美國聯儲局於3年多以來首度調高貼現率。商品價格下跌,拖累商品交易為主要盈利來源的Mitsui & Co下跌。


澳洲股市下跌。當地第4大銀行National Australia Bank Ltd下跌,因該銀行公佈首季盈利按年維持不變,而其他競爭對手在經濟向好的情況下錄得盈利增長。

南韓Kospi指數下跌。全球第2大電腦記憶晶片生產商Hynix Semiconductor Inc錄得自2月2日以來最大跌幅。Yonhap News引述金融業知情人士報導,該公司的債權人將於月內商討透過大宗交易出售其股權,並計劃將比重調低。







U.S. Market
U.S. stocks rose, capping the biggest weekly rally since November, 2009, as lower-than-projected growth in consumer prices eased concern the Federal Reserve will need to raise its benchmark interest rate to fight inflation.

European Market
European stocks rose for a fifth day, extending the biggest weekly gain since July, after Nestle SA forecast sales growth will accelerate, overshadowing an unexpected increase in the Federal Reserve’s discount rate.

Japan Market
Japanese stocks fell the most in two weeks after the Federal Reserve raised the rate it charges banks for direct loans for the first time in more than three years. Mitsui & Co., which counts commodities as its biggest source of profit, slid as commodity prices declined.

Asia / Pacific Market
Asian stocks fell the most in two weeks after the Federal Reserve increased its discount rate for the first time in more than three years, triggering concern stimulus programs are winding down.

Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 Index fell. National Australia Bank Ltd., Australia’s fourth-largest bank, fell. The lender posted fiscal first-quarter profit that was unchanged from a year ago, after rivals reported higher earnings in a strengthening economy.

South Korea’s Kospi index fell. Hynix Semiconductor Inc., the world’s second-largest computer-memory chipmaker, fell the most since Feb. 2. Creditors will begin discussions later this month on selling part of their combined stake in the company in block transactions, Yonhap News reported, citing unnamed officials in the financial industry. Creditors plan to reduce their Hynix holdings, the report said.

Singapore raised its economic growth forecast for 2010, adding to evidence of a regional recovery that has prompted policy makers to end some stimulus measures.

China/ Hong Kong Market
China’s banking regulators issued two directives on Saturday exhorting banks to manage risk more carefully and verify that loans are used for their intended purpose. “Lenders should extend loans according to the real demand of borrowers and must not set unreasonable loan quotas or scramble to extend loans,” according to a new rule from the China Banking Regulatory Commission on working capital loans.

Regulators reminded banks working capital loans must not be used to finance capital investment or equity stakes. The CBRC also confirmed draft rules stating personal loans of more than Rmb300, 000 ($44,000, £28,000, €32,000) may not be disbursed to a borrower but transferred to an end-recipient, such as a house seller.

Hong Kong stocks fell the most in two weeks, after the U.S. Federal Reserve raised its discount rate for the first time in more than three years, heightening concern stimulus programs are winding down.

Emerging Markets
Brazil stocks fell, trimming a second week of gains, as utilities sank and faster-than-expected inflation prompted traders to increase bets for interest rate increases this year, sending banks and homebuilders lower.

Bond Market
Treasuries erased gains as stocks fluctuated after a government report showed the cost of living increased less than forecast amid speculation over when the Federal Reserve might raise its benchmark interest rate.

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