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CIAM: Chartered Insurance Agency Management

Feb 2, 2010 , Posted by Diamond Recruit at 5:40 PM

Chartered Insurance Agency Management is a 21st century, country-specific agency management performance improvement program designed to prepare tomorrow’s leaders today. CIAM designation has been and will continue to be the international performance improvement and professional development program for managers in the financial services industry.Earning this designation signifies that the designee has mastered the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenging demands of his or her role as an agency leader. However, in today’s (and tomorrow’s) increasingly competitive global financial services environment, managers are under growing pressure to increase sales, close them faster, and increase profitability, amidst a barrage of changing products, competitors, and market conditions.

The key to success, and often just survival, in this ever-changing environment will be developing the knowledge and skills required to effectively respond to these pressures — and that is what CIAM is all about. Recognizing that while many of the underlying competencies of becoming a successful manager remain essentially the same, CIAM takes a new look at these fundamental skills and updates them with 21st-century agency management "best practice" philosophies and tools. For example, improving agent productivity is the focus of the Performance Management module. This module will introduce an updated, field-tested, activity management system that includes an activity data management process designed to identify and resolve issues of underperformance. Other courses will either more fully develop competencies, such as how to profitably manage a sales unit/agency, or introduce new skills, such as managing financial advisors in a more compliance-sensitive environment. Finally, in-country Content Review Committees made up of sales and training executives from member companies will review each updated program in the CIAM curriculum to create a country-specific best practices program that better reflects local operations and culture.

Chartered Insurance Agency Managers

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